I created this substack in 2021 to explore my own feelings and emotions. I’ve always been a more sensitive person, as well as an artist and writer. But I never really knew what that meant in terms of expressing myself. The more I’ve done the work to write about my feelings, the more I’ve discovered the many emotions that like to make their home in my mind and body (usually all at once). As this newsletter has grown into a community of 4,000+ subscribers and sensitive friends, I’ve discovered I’m far from alone in this experience.

The name of this newsletter is a play on the phrase I loathe most in conflict conversations: “Feelings aside…” It squashes and diminishes the other person's feelings, even if they don’t reflect the whole truth. Their feelings are still valid, and they still matter. That’s it. It’s fairly simple. Feelings aside, except not.

All subscribers can expect weekly micro-essays about creativity, relationships, grief, quiet joys, and big life questions. This is a place for community and acceptance in a world that doesn’t always understand nuanced or complicated feelings. While the writing is the framework of this substack, the comments section is the beating heart, and it’s where other sensitive writers, artists, and readers from all over the world chime in and share their resonance and stories. It’s the very best aspect of this entire project. And it’s why I keep writing.

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